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Nec Versa S970 (ver. 1.­12) rilasciato 2008.03.21.

File scaricato 37 volte ed stato visto 10850 volte.

Categoria Portatili
Marchio Nec
Dispositivo Versa S970
Sistema operativo BIOS
Versione 1.­12
File dimensione 2.88 Mb
Rilasciato 2008.03.21
Trova & Scarica

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BIOS v1.­12 for Versa S970 (Compatible with Santa Rosa or Santa Rosa Refresh motherboard) CAUTION : Do not use USB bootable key to flash your Bios.­ It can damaged your motherboard Download the .­ISO file to a temporary folder on your hard disk,­ and start this process : - Burn a Bootable CD using your favorite Burning ROM Software.­ Then Boot from the CD and follow the instructions.­ This .­ISO file will update the BIOS into version 1.­12 and Keyboard Controller Firmware into version 4.­14.­ Bios upgrades : - Support of Penryn CPUs for Santa Rosa Refresh motherboard - Improve brighntess - Fixes "PCI communication device" issue under Device Manager - Fixes black screen entering BIOS Setup after entering Supervisor password - Fixes system cannot boot under Vista with Celeron CPUT530 Note that system will shutdown at the end of the process IAMT must be disabled in the BIOS before BIOS flash If the Bios is not successfully updated,­ please try another time to flash the BIOS This BIOS is compatible with Santa Rosa and Santa Rosa Refresh motherboard version

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